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QMN and TinTops Entry List - Brands Hatch, 5th May 2013

Added: 30th April 2013

Entry List for next race meeting at Brands Hatch Indy is available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

Brands Hatch Race Meeting, 4-5 May 2013 - Additional notes

Added: 27th April 2013

Signing on will be in the media centre which is situated above the pit garages in the centre of the circuit.
There will be a mandatory drivers briefing at 11.00 adjacent to Ken Angell's motorhome in the outer paddock.
The current plan is for our first race to be all QMN plus Tin Tops class T3. The second race will be Tin Tops only. The third race will be all QMN plus Tin Tops classes T1, T4 and TP. This may change if circumstances dictate.

Brands Hatch Race Meeting, 4-5 May 2013 - Important documents

Added: 27th April 2013

Time Table, Paddock Plan, Drivers Briefing Notes and Finals Instructions for MG Car Club Spring Race Meeting, 4-5 May 2013, Brands Hatch Indy are available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

One lap with...

Added: 26th April 2013

... Andy Woods-Dean, Renault Megane Coupe driver in Quaife Motorsport News Saloons read more...

Intermarque in Autosport magazine.

Added: 25th April 2013

Autosport magazine has a large colour photograph of the intermarque field on page 85 of this week's edition. It shows the pack going through Paddock Bend.

Important message from the new centre chairman Chris Bird.

Added: 25th April 2013

Can I remind all drivers, family members, mechanics and team associates to look carefully at regulation 4.2 in all three of our championships. In particular the last two paragraphs, which refer to social media postings. The penalties will be implemented and the championship stewards will be giving their backing.

Just in case you are in any doubt, this refers to anyone posting anything derogatory, defamatory, insulting, unfavourable and/or disrespectful in relation to the championship, including any of its participants, officials, partners or supporters. Offensive postings in any form of social media will be dealt with most severely. In the worst instance this could mean exclusion from the championship, in the least it could mean a deduction of points. This also includes members or associates "liking" a particular posting.

Letter from Chris Brockhurst, one of Intermarque HR class front runners.

Added: 24th April 2013

Would just like to say what a great weekend it was to kick off the new season. Everyone's car's looked great and can't wait to see it on Motors TV, but also what a great job the committee have done for the formula. I would think anyone walking by would of thought what a great run championship with the mic and banners and finally we can hear what Howard is saying (joke). So all in all I think the whole thing ran very smoothly and think the intermarques have never looked stronger. Nice touch having the scrutineers say their bit.

Well done to everyone involved, can't wait till the next meet.

Many Thanks
Team Brockhurst

Brands Hatch photo galleries.

Added: 23rd April 2013

Two big galleries (over 300 photos) from races at Brands Hatch Indy. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnails on right column. More galleries to follow.

Full race report - Rounds 1 and 2 of 2013 Championship.

Added: 23rd April 2013

Championships round one make a big impression.

By Brian Phillips

The opening races in the Centre's 2013 championships supplied some of the highlights of a busy weekend at Brands Hatch on April 20/21 read more...

Championship standings after first two rounds.

Added: 23rd April 2013

To view championship standings after Brands Hatch race meeting (20th - 21st April 2013) go to our STANDINGS section.

Results from first 2013 race meeting.

Added: 21st April 2013

To view all results from Brands Hatch race meeting (20th - 21st April 2013) go to our RESULTS section.

Dramatic start to QMN and Tin Tops Championships.

Added: 20th April 2013

By Brian Phillips

The Centre's 2013 saloon car championships enjoyed a spectacular opening race at Brands Hatch today, Saturday April 20, with a full grid on the Indy circuit read more...

Important notice - drivers briefings at Brands Hatch meeting!

Added: 16th April 2013

There will be drivers briefings at the following times in the outer paddock, next to Ken Angel's motorhome:
Saturday April 20th QMN and Tin Tops at 14.00
Sunday April 21 Intermarque at 09.45

Brands Hatch 21/21 April 2013 Entry List (updated).

Added: 15th April 2013

Brands Hatch 21/21 April 2013 - QMN, TinTops and Intermarque updated Entry List (as at 15th April 2013) is available to download from "Downloads" section. Entries for this meeting close on wednesday!

One lap with...

Added: 13th April 2013

... Terry Searles, MG ZR driver in Cannons Tin Tops Championship read more...

Brands Hatch 21/21 April 2013 Paddock Plan!

Added: 13th April 2013

Will all BARC south east drivers competing in QMN, Tin Tops and Intermarque at Brands Hatch on April 20/21 please take careful note of the paddock parking plan. Please adhere to the plan as it helps with the smooth running of the meeting. Do not obstruct roadways. Paddock Plan is available to download from "Downloads" section.

Brands Hatch 21/21 April 2013 Entry List.

Added: 13th April 2013

Brands Hatch 21/21 April 2013 - QMN, TinTops and Intermarque Entry List (as at 13th April 2013) is available to download from "Downloads" section. Entries for this meeting close on wednesday!

Revised Timetable, Brands Hatch 21/21 April 2013.

Added: 10th April 2013

Revised timetable (Issue 6) for Truck Race Meeting added to downloads section.

Volunteers needed

Added: 8th April 2013

The South Eastern Centre committee is looking for three volunteers to help ensure the smooth running of the Centre's backstage activities and its track events.

Secretary to the Centre

This role requires a well organised person with good general admin skills to keep the rest of the committee focused on the job in hand and provide advice and guidance where needed, working closely with the Chairman. The Secretary is the main point of contact for communications to and from the MSA and BARC HQ.

Please contact the Chairman to express an interest, or for further information.

Drivers' representatives for QMN and Tin Tops

We want to appoint drivers' representatives from among those currently active in these two categories. The role will involve using your regular contacts with fellow competitors to bring to the committee relevant comments and suggestions about the running and future development of our race categories.

To put forward your own name or to suggest a colleague (preferably after checking that they are willing!) please contact the Chairman by April 16th so that the topic can be discussed when drivers meet at our first event of the year at Brands Hatch.

One lap with...

Added: 7th April 2013

... Ross Loram, Peugeot 206 driver in Quaife Intermarque Championship read more...

Lydden Hill Sports Car races Entry Form.

Added: 4th April 2013

At Lydden Hill BARC SE race event front engined sports and kit cars will have their own races - entry form available to download from "Downloads" section.

Revised Timetable, Brands Hatch 21/21 April 2013.

Added: 4th April 2013

Revised timetable (Issue 5) for Truck Race Meeting added to downloads section.

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